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By: Trent G. Towne, PharmD, BCPS (AQ-ID)

At the end of the following year medicine on airplanes generic 3ml bimat amex, another 5 percent medications quizzes for nurses buy bimat 3ml line, or 206 teachers treatment viral meningitis quality 3 ml bimat, were booted out treatment 2nd degree burn buy 3 ml bimat with amex. Her problem was a new scoring system known as value-added modeling, which purported to measure her effectiveness in teaching math and language skills. That score, generated by an algorithm, represented half of her overall evaluation, and it outweighed the positive reviews from school administrators and the community. So Washington, like many other school systems, would minimize this human bias and pay more attention to scores based on hard results: achievement scores in math and reading. Wysocki, of course, felt the numbers were horribly unfair, and she wanted to know where they came from. The district had hired a consultancy, Princeton-based Mathematica Policy Research, to come up with the evaluation system. The algorithms had to make allowances for such differences, which was one reason they were so complex. Indeed, attempting to reduce human behavior, performance, and potential to algorithms is no easy job. To understand what Mathematica was up against, picture a ten-year-old girl living in a poor neighborhood in southeastern Washington, D. In any case, the following year she takes another standardized test, this one designed for sixth graders. If you compare the results of the tests, the scores should stay stable, or hopefully, jump up. At Big Data companies like Google, by contrast, researchers run constant tests and monitor thousands of variables. They can change the font on a single advertisement from blue to red, serve each version to ten million people, and keep track of which one gets more clicks. Attempting to calculate the impact that one person may have on another over the course of a school year is much more complex. Without feedback, however, a statistical engine can continue spinning out faulty and damaging analysis while never learning from its mistakes. The system itself has determined that they were failures, and that is how they are viewed. Employers, for example, are increasingly using credit scores to evaluate potential hires. Those who pay their bills promptly, the thinking goes, are more likely to show up to work on time and follow the rules. In fact, there are plenty of responsible people and good workers who suffer misfortune and see their credit scores fall. But the belief that bad credit correlates with bad job performance leaves those with low scores less likely to find work. Joblessness pushes them toward poverty, which further worsens their scores, making it even harder for them to land a job. This is, in part, because they are engineered to evaluate large numbers of people. A white-shoe law firm or an exclusive prep school will lean far more on recommendations and face-to-face interviews than will a fast-food chain or a cash-strapped urban school district. The model itself is a black box, its contents a fiercely guarded corporate secret. For years, Washington teachers complained about the arbitrary scores and clamored for details on what went into them. But a math teacher named Sarah Bax continued to push the district administrator, a former colleague named Jason Kamras, for details. After a back-and-forth that extended for months, Kamras told her to wait for an upcoming technical report. Bax responded: "How do you justify evaluating people by a measure for which you are unable to provide explanation? Before starting what would be her final year at MacFarland Middle School, she had been pleased to see that her incoming fifth graders had scored surprisingly well on their year-end tests. Yet when classes started she saw that many of her students struggled to read even simple sentences.


In our prior communications medications ritalin cheap bimat 3ml otc, we requested proactive measures and rulemaking to medications similar to xanax buy bimat 3 ml amex protect the public health of all Virginians and the farmworker and poultry worker community medicine 223 generic 3ml bimat visa. Given our experience medicine x pop up discount bimat 3ml visa, however, we question whether this recommendation will be implemented, given the lengthy drives that often must be taken in normally packed buses. Health statistics support this notion, and probably do not even account for the full scope of the issue in the plants. For every measure that the Commonwealth is taking for workers on the Shore, it should be taking measures for workers in the Valley. This includes, but is not limited to, provision of information to the community regarding accurate numbers for positive tests in plants. Moreover, the substantive action items fall substantially short of what poultry workers need the government to do to protect them. Other States are Proactively Taking Enforceable Measures to Protect Vulnerable Workers By contrast, other state governments are implementing measures to protect workers. By way of example, last week, new temporary regulations were enacted by the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration that require farms to maintain social distancing during work, break and meal periods, as well as in employer-provided transportation and housing. Importantly, these requirements are enforceable, thereby penalizing any employer who disregards the regulations and orders. Of those funds, according to the Oregonian, "a large chunk will be dedicated to safely housing migrant and seasonal farmworkers, most of whom usually stay in dormitory-style housing provided by the farm. The Commonwealth Can and Should do More Than Federal Law Requires to Protect Workers the Commonwealth should be a leader on worker protections. With President Trump now issuing an Executive Order mandating meatpacking plants to continue operating, and delegating authority to the United States Department of Agriculture to expand such a declaration as it sees fit, worker health and safety is even more at risk. To be clear: the Commonwealth can-and should-enact regulations that protect farmworkers and poultry workers over and above what federal law requires. Virginia law grants the State Board of Health and the Governor additional powers that may be used to protect public health. The Governor has broad powers in emergencies and disasters as well, including those related to a communicable disease of public health threat. We have the opportunity to be national leaders and pave the way for workers around the country to receive the protection they deserve. Conclusion Legal Aid Justice Center reiterates its requests for prompt rulemaking and emergency, enforceable measures to ensure the protection of all farmworkers and poultry workers, their families and communities, and the residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and asks the Commonwealth to support our most vulnerable workers in these harrowing times. In that Order, I banned out-of-state travel for state employees, with some limited exceptions. Two days later, I ordered a statewide ban on public events of more than 100 people according to guidance from the Center on Disease Control and Prevention. On March 17, 2020, the State Health Commissioner and I issued Order of Public Health Emergency One (Health Order No. That Order closed certain recreational and entertainment business, limited the operations of non-essential retail businesses, restaurants and dining establishments, and banned gatherings of more than 10 people. It also closed all K-12 schools for the remainder of the academic school year and urged Virginians to stay home except for essential travel. Executive Order 55, which was issued on March 30, 2020, established a temporary Stay at Home Order unless carrying out a necessary life function and continued limiting all in-person gatherings to 10 people or fewer. It also ceased in-person instruction of less than 10 people at all institutions of higher education, restricted certain reservations at privately- owned campgrounds, and closed all public beaches except for exercising and fishing. The objective of these actions was to slow the spread of this virulent and deadly disease. By issuing the Stay at Home Order, encouraging physical distancing and teleworking, restricting businesses and gatherings, we 1 5 lowered transmission rates. These measures also prevented our healthcare systems from being overwhelmed-affording our healthcare systems and healthcare providers time to acquire the tools and resources necessary to respond to the virus. Equally as important, these measures were also necessary to prepare Virginians for the new normal of living and working in the midst of a pandemic. It is critical that as we begin to ease some of the restrictions in the next phase of our response, we remain vigilant, cautious, and measured. We must remember to continue to practice physical distancing, to continue teleworking, whenever possible, to wash our hands frequently, to not touch our faces, and to wear face covering whenever possible. These measures, as well as the ones outlined below, are meant to make necessary ventures outside of your home safer, but everyone, especially those who may be more vulnerable to the virus, must understand we are all safer at home. Directive Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me by Article V of the Constitution of Virginia, by § 44-146.

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For example symptoms nicotine withdrawal discount 3ml bimat with mastercard, negative soil nutrient balances have been reported for each of the 15 agro-climatic regions of India (Biswas and Tewatia medications for ocd bimat 3 ml lowest price, 1991; Tandon medications zofran buy 3ml bimat with amex, 1992) medicine vile generic 3ml bimat with amex. Fertilizer use in the region is often dominated by nitrogen (N), relative to phosphorous (P) and potassium (K). When fertilizers are first applied to a soil, a high response is frequently obtained from nitrogen. The improved crop growth depletes the soil of other nutrients; "In such systems, nitrogen is simply used as a shovel to mine the soil of other nutrients" (Tandon, 1992). Long-term experiments in India show depletion of soil P and K is higher for plots with N fertilizer, and depletion of K is higher still with N+P fertilizer (Tandon, 1992). A study on nutrient balances in rice fields under intensive cultivation found a positive balance for N, P, Ca, Mg and Na, but a negative balance for K and Si (Husnain, Masunaga and Wakatsuki, 2010). Because of its generally alkaline soils, Pakistan is particularly liable to micronutrient deficiencies (Twyford, 1994). On the other hand, nutrient additions to many fields in some Asian countries far exceed those in the United States and Northern Europe, and much of the excess fertilizer is lost to the environment, degrading both air and water quality. Highly compacted soil is, however, a physically deteriorated condition affecting plant productivity under various land uses. Decrease in soil porosity that affects water content, hydraulic conductivity and gas permeability is a major disadvantage brought about by soil compaction. Mechanization of cultivation and harvest in Asian countries has increased, resulting in soil erosion and soil compaction due to tractor loading (Zhang et al. Some studies of soils in rice/wheat cropping areas of India showed increases in compactness of subsurface soils as indicated by increased bulk density as high as 1. Where soils have been compacted in agricultural and forested areas, water surface runoff followed by soil erosion is a major threat. This results in damage to plant roots and reduces productivity (Jim, 1998a) because in urban park vegetation over 50 percent of root density is concentrated in the top 50cm of the soil depth (Millward, Paudel and Briggs, 2011). Surface runoff on compacted soil generates flooding and delivers contaminants such as heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants into receiving water environments. Soils sealed by construction are compressed to enhance their physical strength, making them hugely compacted structures. However, this infiltration treatment can make soil solution and drainage water alkaline. Soil erosion is the action of exogenic processes such as water flow and wind to move soil from its location. Asia can be divided into several climate zones: tropical and subtropical in South Asia, humid subtropical and temperate in East Asia, semiarid in China, and arid in Mongolia and East Asia. On the other hand, wind is the crucial driving force inducing soil erosion in the drier and desert areas. Soil erosion by rainfall and surface water flow is generally affected by five factors: rainfall erosivity, soil erodibility, topography, surface coverage, and support practices. In humid regions, soil erosion is of little concern in well-established forests and in paddy fields. Annual soil loss in paddy fields has been generally reported in case studies to be lower than 1 tonnes ha-1 (Chen, Liu and Chen, 2012; Choi et al. In these areas, several hundred mm of rainfall in the rainy season can result in massive gully erosion. In the Philippines, a monsoon country with high rainfall, erosion by water is one of the major causes of land degradation. Paningbatan (1987) estimates that soil loss of about 10 tonnes ha-1 can be considered tolerable for Philippines conditions. Differences in soil erodibility between land use types are affected by geological characteristics. Forests are located in mountains and upland crop fields are generally placed on lower slopes below the mountains. This means that forests and upland crop fields have been chronically exposed to past overland flow and soil erosion, which has resulted in their current status with less easily-eroded particles such as silt and very fine sand. However, actual annual soil loss in paddy fields has been generally reported to be lower than 1 Mt ha-1 in case studies because paddy is protected from rainfall by the water already ponded in the field and by the ridges which store water inside paddy fields (Chen, Liu and Chen, 2012; Choi et al.

For an example of a counternetwork effort medications 4h2 bimat 3ml free shipping, see Chad Serena medicine 48 12 cheap bimat 3ml, It Takes More than a Network: the Iraqi Insurgency and Organizational Adaptation medicine quizlet buy 3 ml bimat amex, Palo Alto symptoms 4 dpo purchase 3ml bimat, Calif. Conclusions and Recommendations 139 Improve Interagency Coordination A major structural obstacle to waging an effective counternetwork campaign is the lack of unified effort and command. The National Security Council issued the Strategy to Combat Transnational Organized Crime and implementation guidance, including the intended establishment of an Interagency Threat Mitigation Group to identify those networks that present a sufficiently high national security risk and ensure the coordination of all elements of national power to combat them. The agencies with the most-relevant capabilities for attacking illicit networks have other missions and are reluctant to focus their resources on taking down the networks. Trade Representative; and the head of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. The Office of Management and Budget, the Council of Economic Advisors, National Security Council, National Economic Council, Homeland Security Council, the Director of National Intelligence, and the Secretary of Labor also have roles in the committee. We note that after serving as the first National Counterintelligence Executive, Michelle van Cleave reported the position as being largely 140 Countering the Expansion of Transnational Criminal Networks taken to foster unity of command and effort and to avoid creating an additional stovepipe. The existing guidance is informed by the lessons learned from Operation Iraqi Freedom. Over time, the Coalition realized that attacking a networked threat was more than just a counterinsurgency challenge or effort to counter improvised explosive devices, and that networked threats were a worldwide phenomenon operating across a range of military operations. However, there are severe limitations to what can be achieved by working with these units (even if they could be kept corruption-free), if they operate in an environment of deeply entrenched corruption. The experience of some countries formerly considered criminalized states, such as Guinea-Bissau, shows that the removal of leadership compromised in criminal activity can have a salutary effect. Similarly, in Guinea, the arrest of drug trafficking kingpin Ousmane Contй and other members of his 7 8 U. At a minimum, the United States should exercise caution to ensure that any political or military engagement with these countries does not help to legitimize deeply corrupt regimes or prolong their grasp on power. Beyond these activities, the Army has competencies and capabilities that can advance the U. Orders are restricted to not more than 21 days for most soldiers, with up to 29 days permitted for advance and rear detachments. Due to the limit on the number of overseas deployment training days allowed, units must rotate every three weeks to cover the duration of the mission, typically lasting nine months. The Army could a marginal increase in pay and allowances cost to the Army to cover the salaries of reserve soldiers for nine to 12 months a year versus 21 days. Mobilization orders under 12304b may not be approved and issued until after the defense budget materials are formally submitted to Congress. See Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, "Guidance on Service Implementation of 10 U. Section 12304b: Order to Active Duty for Preplanned Missions in Support of Combatant Commands," memorandum to Assistant Secretaries of the Military Departments (Manpower and Reserve Affairs), May 1, 2014. For the most part, small countries in Central America and Africa have rudimentary intelligence-gathering and fusion capabilities. Mobility is difficult in many of the countries where criminal networks operate because of harsh terrain, lack of roads, and inadequate infrastructure. The Army can help remedy mobility deficiencies by providing engineering support and assisting in developing rotary-wing capabilities and training personnel, as has been done in Colombia. Provide an unclassified version of Blue Force Tracker to partner militaries, as appropriate. Moreover, assistance with border control will be positively received by partners that might not be on board with other U. The capabilities needed for this mission are not particularly technologically advanced. Many countries in Latin America and Africa-including practically all Francophone nations-have gendarmerie-type organizations. These are units that combine police functions with paramilitary capabilities and are able to engage in highend conflict with insurgent forces, terrorists, or heavily armed criminal groups. Gendarmeries can respond to armed challenges by violent illicit actors that the police are too weak to handle, short of involving the military. Since gendarmeries are generally under the Ministry of Defense, legislative and policy constraints on U. First, we cover the amendment to the Posse Comitatus Act in 1981 that enabled a significant increase in military support to law enforcement for counternarcotics operations. Next, we summarize three presidential directives that may have shaped subsequent legislation and describe the legislation that increased DoD involvement in counterdrug activities.

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