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By: Trent G. Towne, PharmD, BCPS (AQ-ID)

The government officially recognized his arrest and declared that he had been released on December 26 treatment xerophthalmia order 4mg detrol, 1973 medications multiple sclerosis order detrol 4 mg without a prescription, and that his whereabouts were unknown symptoms 5 days past ovulation buy discount detrol 2mg line. Since it is established that he was arrested medications in checked baggage buy detrol 2mg otc, both because it was observed by witnesses and because it was officially acknowledged by the government, this Commission cannot accept the official account that he was released for the following reasons: Astorga was active in the Communist party and also in the Council on Supply and Prices, and it can be reasonably presumed that he was arrested by security agents and that the function of the police was simply to hold him in custody; it is presumed that he was subsequently imprisoned at Tejas Verdes; to this day there is no record of his leaving or entering the country after his arrest nor of his registering to vote. In view of these facts, this Commission has come to the conviction that Josй Braulio Astorga was arrested and disappeared by force at the hands of government agents in an action that gravely violated human rights. She disappeared on December 19, 1973 from her workplace on Calle Condell, in the Providencia district, just as a military patrol visited the place. Since that day she has remained disappeared and there is no information on her whereabouts. This Commission has come to the conviction that she was subjected to forced disappearance, presumably by government agents, since witnesses have testified that she was arrested, and in view of her political activity and the fate of foreigners who were connected to revolutionary movements in the country at that time. Despite the journeys her family undertook to find her, they never had further word about her either in Chile or elsewhere. On December 20 a group of civilians carrying weapons arrested him at his house in the presence of witnesses. On December 19 a group of civilians arrested him and his fiancйe in the La Granja district. His fiancйe lived in the La Legua shantytown and was active in the local committee of the Communist party. On December 18 when the person who had contracted them for a painting job stopped to make a telephone call [sic]. At that moment a group in civilian clothing came forward, threatened them with weapons, put them in one of the vehicles they were driving, and took them to an unknown destination. On December 20 he was arrested by men in civilian clothes at his home in the presence of witnesses. On December 22, the newspapers published a communique signed by the Public Relations Department of the army high command: "Five terrorists dead and two soldiers gravely wounded was the result of an operation carried out last night in the area of high tension electrical lines in Cerro Navia. They were carrying documents that outlined in detail the organization and operating system for the so-called Plan Leopard. This is proof that the extremist groups were preparing different kinds of actions in order to produce grave disturbances. The archdiocese of Santiago helped them obtain their remains 300 from the Medical Legal Institute for burial. The body of Gуmez Vega had fourteen bullet holes, and on both ankles and wrists there were circular sores; the cause of death was "multiple bullet wounds. Orellana Pйrez had fifteen bullet wounds and his body showed cuts, raw skin and sores on the wrists and ankles. All these Communist activists were arrested between December 1820, 1973 by the same agents together with others who were later released. As a group they were subjected to torture and mistreatment and were individually interrogated about where they supposedly had weapons hidden in La Legua. They were then thrown together into a single cell where according to witnesses, Patricio Castro died of shots fired by his captors. The families of some of the victims were subsequently subjected to searches, persecution, and arrest. This Commission has come to the conviction that these five young men were executed without any due process of law by government agents, and that their human rights were gravely violated. The primary elements of support for that conviction are the following: * the Commission finds the official account implausible since it is established that they were arrested and were being held during the days before the supposed gun battle. In addition, the bodies showed signs that both hands and feet had been tied and there were obvious indications of torture. During this time there were other instances in which the press alerted public opinion to a "Black Christmas" that the Communist party was said to be preparing. The cause of death was penetrating bullet wounds to the face and head, and to the abdomen.

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Private individuals might lose interest in contributing to medicine lake mt trusted 1mg detrol research institutions and the great foundations might turn their attention to symptoms 0f colon cancer cheap detrol 2 mg on line other fields medicine jobs generic detrol 4mg mastercard. These varied sources of support have contributed materially to treatment yeast infection home discount detrol 2mg with mastercard the development of vigorous centers of independent initiative throughout the United States and prevented control by any one group. The committee has had to weigh these considerations against an analysis of the adequacy of the over-all support for science in America relative to the needs of society. Our national pre-eminence in the fields of applied research and technology should not blind us to the truth that, with respect to pure research-the discovery of fundamental new knowledge and basic scientific principles-America has occupied a secondary place. Our spectacular development of the automobile, the airplane, and radio obscures the fact that they were all based on fundamental discoveries made in nineteenth-century Europe. From Europe also came formulation of most of the laws governing the transformation of energy, the physical and chemical structure of matter, the behavior of electricity, light, and magnetism. In recent years the United States has made progress in the field of pure science, but an examination of the relevant statistics suggests that our efforts in the field of applied science have increased much faster so that the proportion of pure to applied research continues to decrease. Several reasons make it imperative to increase pure research at this stage in our history. First, the intellectual banks of continental Europe, from which we formerly borrowed, have become bankrupt through the ravages of war. Second, in this modern age, more than ever before, pure research is the pace-maker of technological progress. In the nineteenth century, Yankee mechanical ingenuity, building upon the basic discoveries of European science, could greatly advance the technical arts. Future progress will be most striking in those highly complex fields-electronics, aerodynamics, chemistry-which are 86 based directly upon the foundations of modern science. In the next generation, technological advance and basic scientific discovery will be inseparable; a nation which borrows its basic knowledge will be hopelessly handicapped in the race for innovation. The other world powers, we know, intend to foster scientific research in the future. By that same creed the prestige of a nation is enhanced by its contributions-made in a spirit of friendly cooperation and competition-to the world-wide battle against ignorance, want, and disease. The increasing need for the cultivation of science in this country is only too apparent. Traditional support from private gifts, from endowment income, from grants by the large foundations, and from appropriations by State legislatures cannot meet the need. Research in the natural sciences and engineering is becoming increasingly costly; and the inflationary impact of the war is likely to heighten the financial burden of university research. The committee has considered whether industry could or should assume most of the burden of support of fundamental research or whether other adequate sources of private assistance are in sight. The committee has therefore become convinced that an increased measure of Federal aid to scientific research is necessary. Means must be found for administering such aid without incurring centralized control or discouraging private support. Basically this problem is but one example of a series of similar problems of government in a democracy. Many of our important political decisions involve the necessity of balancing irreducible national functions against the free play of individual initiative. It is the belief of this committee that if certain basic safeguards are observed in designing a plan for Government support to science, great benefits can be achieved without loss of initiative or freedom. The scale of Federal aid has been modest but has led to very significant results especially in agriculture; it has not led to domination by small groups; it has not been capricious and uncertain. No evidence has been brought before the committee that this sort of Federal aid has discouraged other sources of support. The land-grant colleges are examples of harmonious cooperation among State and Federal Governments, private individuals, and industry. American experience with support of higher education by State and local governments has been extremely satisfactory, our vigorous State universities standing as impressive testimonials. The committee foresees that an increased measure of Federal support will raise new problems.

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In view of the evidence gathered administering medications 6th edition proven detrol 2mg, this Commission holds the conviction that Jorge Villarroel disappeared while being held under arrest by government agents in violation of his human rights treatment 2nd degree burn cheap detrol 1mg fast delivery. Around the neck of each was a sign that read 247 medications buy discount detrol 1 mg online, "For being an informer-The Resistance medications ordered po are buy 2mg detrol with amex. The Commission has come to the conviction that they were killed for political reasons in violation of their human rights, but it does not have enough evidence to determine who was responsible. He disappeared, and there is no evidence that he was held at any of the detention sites. The Commission believes that the testimony by witnesses indicating that he was arrested is enough to enable it to come to the conviction that Dignaldo Araneda disappeared at the hands of government agents who thus violated his human rights. He had been arrested previously several times after the military coup, and had been tortured every time. Once he had to be taken by ambulance to an emergency ward after being left abandoned by his captors. He was put on trial at a war tribunal in 1974 for breaking the State Security Law, but the case was dropped for lack of evidence. The last time he was arrested, his captors said they needed him to identify a person. The evidence gathered enables the Commission to hold the conviction that Hugo Concha disappeared at the hands of government agents in violation of his human rights. The Commission holds the conviction that Sergio Vera was imprisoned by government agents and consequently has disappeared. The Commission believes that it is possible to come to the conviction that Gary Olmos disappeared at the hands of government agents in violation of his human rights. That conviction is based on the following: evidence that he was arrested; the fact that during this period many people were secretly arrested and held prisoner; the lack of further indications of where he is despite inquiries made by his family, the courts, human rights organizations, and the Commission itself. His house was later searched by agents who acknowledged that he was under arrest and said that he was at Tres Alamos. A policeman at the prison camp also said that he was being held in solitary confinement in Cuatro Alamos. He was arrested in the presence of witnesses that day, and there has been no further word of him since then. The Commission came to the conviction that he suffered a human rights violation at the hands of government agents who made him disappear. Hence the Commission has come to the conviction that Yaсez was executed by government agents in violation of his human rights. Luis Fuentes disappeared that day, but there is no evidence on places where he might have been held prisoner. The Commission believes that testimony by witnesses to his arrest taken in combination with the fact that there has been no further word about him, leads to the honest 790 conviction that Luis Fuentes disappeared at the hands of government agents who thus violated his human rights. The Commission is convinced that Claudio Gonzбlez disappeared at the hands of government agents, who thus violated his human rights. When he arrived there he was arrested, and there has been no further word about him. The Commission believes that it is possible to come to the conviction that Hйctor Maturana disappeared at the hands of government agents in violation of his human rights, since there is proof that he was arrested and bearing in mind the background of his case. Early in the morning that day members of the police and investigative police took him from his house and shot him. This information, in combination with those of other similar cases in which agents in charge of public order illegally killed Mapuches in this area, enable the Commission to come to the conviction that Segundo Llancaqueo was executed by public servants in violation of his human rights. The Commission came to the conviction that he disappeared at the hands of government agents who thus violated his fundamental rights. The Commission believes that it can reasonably be presumed that his disappearance was the work of government agents in violation of his human rights. The police shot at them with bursts of automatic weapons fire for no reason whatsoever. Juan Segundo Tralcal later died at the hospital in Lautaro where he had been taken by the police themselves. The Commission holds the conviction that he was executed without any due process of law by government agents who thus violated his human rights.

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We will use testing results to medicine jokes buy detrol 4 mg without prescription inform the development of print and electronic communication materials medications used for fibromyalgia cheap detrol 2mg on-line. Methods: In November 2011 medicine man aurora buy 2mg detrol fast delivery, we conducted 9 online focus groups with 50 international travelers from 19 states medicine to prevent cold buy generic detrol 2 mg on line. Participants, connected through webcam technology, reviewed 4 message maps and provided feedback through group discussion and written comments. Results: Participants positively received all 12 message maps, and most thought the messages were clear, understandable, and helpful. Participants identified parts of the messages that were confusing, difficult to implement, or needed more detail. For many people, the messages created an interest to learn more about the specific travel health topic, particularly diseases. A recurring theme across focus groups was that participants wanted additional resources, including phone numbers, web links, and contact information. Participants wanted to know why recommendations were being made, risk information behind recommendations, and what would happen if they did not follow the recommendations. When this type of information was provided, participants were motivated to follow recommendations. Conclusions: Complex travel health messages can be strategically drafted for the general public, resulting in clear, understandable, influential messages. Brief messages may not address all information a traveler needs to know but provide enough background to encourage travelers to learn more and motivate them to action. Based on these findings, health messages for international travelers should be brief, include information on risk and the rationale for recommendations, and point to resources for additional information. Message maps (maps) are stated as a series of 3 short messages, with 3 supporting messages each. This format allows recommendations to focus on essential messages easily understood by travelers. Focus groups were conducted online, and participants could interact with each other via webcam. Each focus group included discussions about the feasibility of specific recommendations. Results: Although participants largely agreed on the main ideas of the maps, responses on feasibility sometimes varied greatly. For example, all participants felt the messages about road safety were understandable, but their perception of feasibility varied according to their own experiences. What one person considered common sense, another viewed as impossible because safety equipment, such as seat belts, is often unavailable in certain destinations. Participantsґ concerns about the feasibility of messages largely fell into 3 categories: cost, self-efficacy, and perception of risk relative to the strength of the recommendation. You should use your common sense and spend a little more money to be safe and sound. Negative Feasibility On pre-travel vaccines: It says "Go to your local travel center. I will be getting my prescription On pre-travel consultation: Abstracts - Poster Presentations filled way ahead of time. On insect bite prevention: You just have to expect the unexpected, so you do have to cover your bases. Examples of perceptions of feasibility] Conclusions: Receiving information they do not feel they can act on can be frustrating for travelers. Those advising travelers need to acknowledge that some advice might be difficult to follow. Messages can help travelers prioritize recommendations for their unique circumstances. Focus should also be given to empowering travelers to act and emphasizing why certain recommendations are important even though they may be costly, difficult, or inconvenient. Travelers are offered in an elegant way additional immunization against pertussis. We provided first an information leaflet about the Health risk of Pertussis infection followed by discussion highlighting aspects as direct protection and indirect protection.

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